The Prikka Strip

Prikka-Strip Fence Spikes

For almost two decades Prikka-Strip fence & wall spikes have been successfully used by Homeowners for garden security. They provide a successful defence against burglars leading to recommended by good a number of Crime prevention officers.

It has featured in demonstrations around the country focusing on Shed, Garage and Garden security including the Chelsea Flower Show.

The Prikka-Strip has also proved successful in keeping felines & foxes out too! I am afraid there is always the odd one with armour plated paws, but generally most are persuaded that other gardens in the neighbourhood are more inviting.

Prikka-Strip Fence Spikes

Homeowners should check with neighbours and the local council and make sure warning signs are used when installing the product. Householders will find installation straight-forward and easy to do.
Fit Prikka-Strip side-by-side to use as wall spikes or alternatively, use our wider product Prikka-Brick-Strip. Prikka-Strip specifications are 500mm long by 45mm wide with three rows of 15mm high spikes
Prikka-Strip security spikes for fence tops, are hinged and designed to easily conform to chamferred or irregular surfaces. Simple to fit to wooden surfaces using rust proof screws and available in seven colours to match your fence colour.

Don’t get caught out using broken glass, carpet gripper or barbed wire for your perimeter security. These may all seem quite justified, but will cause considerable harm, the alternative is to safely use Prikka-Strip instead. Prikka-Strip is designed to cause maximum discomfort but minimum harm.
Burglars view sheds, garages and gardens as easy targets and fences can usually be peeked over to see easy pickings. The Office for National Statistics reports that there was a staggering 1.5 million property thefts in 2016. Once Intruders see Prikka-Strip on the fence they’ll go looking elsewhere.