The Brikka Strip

Prikka-Brick-Strip Wall Spikes

Prikka-Brick-Strip wall spikes are the big brother of the hugely successful Prikka-Strip fence spikes. This version of our anti-climb spikes has grown in popularity as an effective garden security system against burglars. The Office of National Statistics reports that over 1.5 million burglaries occurred in the UK in 2016. Its not suprising then that thousands of people are searching Google for garden security products.

You should use Prikka-Brick-Strip for garden wall protection where the wall is wide or has a coping stone. Householders with a small amount of DIY ability and some basic tools will find fitting these spikes straightforward. You can find more on fitting these Home security spikes on the “How to fit” page.
Prikka-Brick-Strips are triple-hinged so they can also be easily fitted over coping stones and onto pipes, sills & ledges. Homeowners can use this versatility to cover the security weak spots around their home and garden giving peace of mind.

Homeowners are recommended to check with neighbours and local planning authorities before starting. Most importantly, fix a small warning sign to your boundary advising that you have anti-intruder spikes fitted.

Fitting Prikka-Brick-Strip Wall Spikes

Prikka-Brick-Strip wall spikes are twice as wide as Prikka-Strip and are designed to be standard brick-width with four rows of anti-climb spikes. The spikes are available in four colours; terracotta, brown, grey and black, suiting most applications.

The strips come with a triple-hinge within the moulding allowing added flexibility when fitting to uneven surfaces. Prikka-Brick-Strips are manufactured in the UK using Polypropylene which makes them durable, weatherproof, re-usable and recyclable.

Homeowners can fit the anti-burglar spikes in a number of ways depending on the wall topping and location. The mounting holes can be utilised to screw into wall tops with rawlplugs. If the wall top is in poor condition, you can also fit with two strips of baton along the walltop to screw the strips in to. The specialist Formoa plastic adhesive used with the surface activator can also be effective when mounting in difficult to reach areas.
Prikka-Brick-Strips come in 500mm lengths, 100mm wide with four 25mm high spikes. When fitted on a standard brick width wall the spikes are visible offering a pre-emptive visual deterrent. Foxes and cats winding up your pets and using your garden as a loo, will also be deterred from climbing over your garden walls.