The Stegastrip

Stegastrip Wall Spikes

Stegastrip wall spikes are the ultimate garden security anti-climb products for walls, fences & ledges. Forming a row of uniquely configured flat plastic spikes, they provide maximum visual deterrent & discomfort but minimum harm when touched.

Stegastrip wall spikes can be fitted in two ways depending on the level of visual deterrent required. Flat as a wall or fence topping or joined together back-to-back to create a rotating spike deterrent. Homeowners should check with neighbours and the local council and make sure warning signs are used when installing the product. DIYers will find installation straight-forward and there are more details in our useful “How to fit” section of the website.

The Office for National Statistics reports that there was a staggering 1.5 million property thefts in 2016. Burglars view sheds, garages and gardens as easy targets and fences can usually be peeked over to see easy pickings.

Once Intruders see Stegastrip wall spikes in their rotating anti-climb format they’ll go looking elsewhere. Stegastrip fitted flat to walls and fence tops makes a more visually subtle but equally effective anti-climb deterrent. Stegastrip comes in 500mm lengths, 50mm wide with 60mm spikes.

Fitting Stegastrip Wall Spikes

Stegastrip wall spikes can be easily fitted flat as a fence or wall topping. The base is hinged at the centre allowing it to fit over chamferred wooden weather capping or other irregular surfaces. Stegastrip is manufactured in the UK entirely from strengthened polypropylene. This allows it to be easily cut to size with a sharp knife or fine toothed saw and its pre-drilled holes make screwing down simple.
For a more visual deterrent the strips can be screwed together and with the Rotation posts become a rotating deterrent. The posts themselves are then screwed into the wall top with four screws and plugs.
Stegastrip comes in 500mm lengths, 50mm wide with 60mm spikes and is manufactured in three clours: black, brown & silver